Power from an Empty Tomb

Power from an Empty Tomb helps the reader to think about why Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection really matters for life today. Step-by step, each chapter in this book, hopefully, will encourage the faithful Believer to: Accept Jesus as the Savior of the world, Celebrate His death, because He took our penalty for sin, and Three days later He arose triumphant from His grave, defeating both sin and death. How do I know He lives? Scriptures teach us that Jesus Christ's life will be in us only as we genuinely seek to make His way our way of life-to walk as He walked, to live as He lived. There is no man in history whose life changed the world than Jesus. He is the ultimate reality of God's plan for humanity to have eternal life with Him. The gift of God's eternal Son demonstrates His love for man to receive life, hope, and truth. THAT IS POWER FROM AN EMPTY TOMB!

--Dr. Claudette B. Bryant