Presidential Maxims: Excellence In Leadership Volume 1

POTUS—does the name give you a positive or negative reaction? In a time where our country is extremely divided about the current Presidential role, those reactions are mixed, but it is certain that this role has shaped our past, is still relevant to our day, and will affect our future. With his power limited by the checks and balances of the federal branches and his duty as commander in chief aside, a President’s influence can be felt most keenly in the attitudes his demeanor fosters among his nation’s citizens, it is that influence that drives this book’s focus. Forty-five men in our history have defined this role, and their contributions establish a pattern of leadership that we can benefit from now and reap rewards from their influence, as individuals, to bring change to our communities and ultimately to our country. Leadership traits are identified herein for the first nineteen Presidents with birthdays from January to June chronologically, their life experiences summarized with brevity to show learned behaviors that can foster a successful life, along with quotations that reflect their personal philosophies. For instance, the well-respected George Washington said of his personal standard, “I hope I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable title the character of an honest man.” Through study and personal application of the maxims like these and traits manifest in these men, we can each enrich our own domain

--Raymond Roberson