Princess Beauty

How much do you know about your fairy tales? Did you know that they're all connected? Did you know that it takes many hardships in a princess's life to achieve a happily ever after?

Love and Hate are two fairies fighting about whether or not the lovely Princess Bonnie should receive a happily ever after. Hate is determined to be the fairest one of all, and Bonnie stands in the way of her success. Love wants peace throughout the human realm, but when she discovers Hate is focusing on targeting Princess Bonnie, Love does all she can to protect her. Throughout their battle, Bonnie learns that she has a powerful and dangerous enemy who threatens her life several times as she lives out fairy tales that are well known and loved today. Love learns how to turn the struggles in life into positives while Hate continues to abuse her power. Will Love win the war? Will Princess Bonnie get her happily ever after? Will Hate become the fairest one of all and force Bonnie to receive a happily never after? Read to find out.

In this book, various fairy tales link to form one story--the story of Princess Beauty.

--Elisa Rivas

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