There are a variety of Christian denominations on this planet, but to be a Christian, one simply has to believe in certain principles of our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Constant practice of those principles is imperative for the Christian’s growth. There are five major Christian principles that have been identified: prayer, Bible study, church support, giving and tithing, and witnessing about Jesus Christ. All five of these principles are biblically based with references included in this composite book.

The first Christian principle, Bible study, must be an integral part of your daily life. Whether you read the Bible orally or silently each day, Bible study equips the Christian with the necessary tools to deal with the problems and challenges that you face daily.

The second Christian principle, prayer, is equally as important as the first. Communication is necessary for any person to be successful in the world. Well communication with God is mandatory if one wants direction and help with the numerous challenges that we all must face daily.

The third Christian principle, giving, is part of the command of Jesus. Giving of our self to the God and to the world at large is a component that has to be adhered to if one professes to be a Christian.

The fourth Christian principle, church, is necessary for stability in our life as a Christian. It’s important for any Christian to have a place where they can get Christian fellowship; after all, fellowship is one of the key truths found in the New Testament

The fifth Christian principle, witnessing, is a command of Jesus. The Great Commission found in the Gospel of Matthew and Acts orders us as Christians to go out into the world and tell others about the saving grace in Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament and New Testament have been used to prove the legitimacy of the five Christian principles. Throughout my ministry, I’ve personally seen these principles practiced by my parents, family, local church members, and of course myself. These principles work, and if practiced, a change can occur in the life of the Christian who consistently makes them a part of their life.

--Bobby Waddell