Promises: The First Chapter

“Long ago and far away in a land that exists only in our most amazing dreams, is a magical land filled with fairies, princesses, and beautiful rainbows…”The knights, gnomes, and fairies learn how important it is to have faith and keep your promises! The only enemy in the story is doubt and fear. “Never let doubt and fear prevent you from keeping your promises!”The Fairy Princess, who is loved by all, disappears and all the inhabitants of this amazing kingdom set out to find their precious princess, making sure that they all honor their promises! Fly with the Honor Guard on their dragons, laugh with the ogres and explore with the Viking, the Black Knight, and the Warrior!Visit these characters and more in Love Is a Verb, soon to be released. Search with Melanie, a young maiden, for the real meaning of love.Look for the CDs and listen to songs like “Promises,” “My Soul Song,” “Love Is a Verb,” “Great,” and more.

--Joan St John Johanesen, MSW, PhD

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