Proverbs Primer

In this increasingly unsettled, complicated world, you can neither anticipate nor

control what the future may hold for your children. Yet, there is something you

can do: you can instill biblical truths in the heart and mind of your little one.

Proverbs Primer is an engaging way to share God's Word while interacting

with your little one in a meaningful way. This book presents each letter of

the alphabet, along with a corresponding verse of Scripture, illustrated to

stimulate thought, enhance understanding, and promote cognitive retention.

In days of yore, children were purposefully taught to read and write from such

texts as The New England Primer, the Blue Back Speller, and the McGuffey

Readers. Teaching materials, based upon the solid foundation of biblical

truths, invited children to actively engage in thought. Many children's books

of today are lacking in substantive content. Today's children are amused

and entertained, stimulated by the bells and whistles of today's culture and

modern technology.

Compared to the youth of yesteryear, today's children are assailed with

images and sounds that are detrimental to their moral and spiritual growth

and development. Consistent with the very defi nition of amuse, they are

distracted, diverted, and often idle. Sadly, God's Word has lost its rightful

place of prominence in child training. Based upon the sure foundation of

God's Word, Proverbs Primer is intended to reinforce your efforts in training

up your child "in the way he should go" (Proverbs 22:6).

--Honey Lynne