Psalms in Clear English

The Book of Proverbs has nine concomitants (related mysteries bundled together in a group).  The tenth is found in the Book of Psalms [77:19-22].  Below are the four verses proverbialized:There are three things the Lord has given us—no four—The Way hidden within the expanse of the sea,His Path made smooth through mighty waters,Footprints showing He always was and always will be there with us,and finally a Shepherd for His flock. It is the author’s hope, that the increased understanding of the psalms imparted by this book will enhance your sanctification for “the tasks God has set before you” so you can preach the Kingdom of God and teach the glories of His Messiah. On the front cover, David is shown revering the “glorious things prophesied of the City of God” (Ps 87:3), which is the New Jerusalem as the heart of the Kingdom of God.

--Ron Banuk

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