Pundamentals: A Collection of 70x7 Clean Jokes for Christians and Friends

Need a good joke to brighten your day? Are you looking for jokes that you want to tell to your friends or family that actually work? Do you enjoy those moments where you laugh and then just can't stop? Do you want to experience more God's great gift of laughter? If you said yes to any of the following questions, then this book was made for you.

Who said Christians couldn't laugh or enjoy God's gift of laughter? Adam Frasz writes this book as a reminder that anyone can have a good laugh from humor that is free of foul language and inappropriate content. You can enjoy a wide variety of jokes that talk about geography, college life, sports, the Bible, and church and all sorts of random topics. If you are interested in using pick-up lines for possible dates, there are some options in here too (if you dare). The title, Pundamentals, is a joke in and of itself and was thought of long before this book was published.

Lastly, Frasz hopes that the laughter that comes from the jokes in his first book can be medicine for those who have rough days or are going through the trials of life. While this is a book was made for Christians, all are welcome to read this book and share jokes with others.

--Adam Frasz