Push Toward Higher-Achieving Children

Push Toward Higher-Achieving Children is an ultimate guide and a must-read book for parents, guardians, teachers, community leaders, and others. Marilyn shares opportunities that will challenge you to inspire children to reach their potential and become high achievers.In this book, Marilyn emphasizes the importance of character development and pushing children to greatness. PUSH Toward Higher-Achieving Children is a step-by-step guide for unleashing a child’s gift of greatness through the following principles:Pushing parents to create a healthy home with love, morals, values, and quality timePushing teachers and school administrators to create a learning environment that is safe, fun, and conducive for learningPushing toward discipline that creates respect for authority and positive interactions with othersPushing our children toward understanding the importance of positive self-esteem and ways to handle peer pressureMarilyn’s book is highly recommended because she explains that the road to success is not a mystery but simply developing a healthy, supportive, and understanding relationship between the child, parent, school, and community. Grasping the importance of these principles will employ self-esteem into a mechanism to handle peer pressure and show high achieving youth the paths to success and becoming a great citizen who is prepared to give back to the community.

--Marilyn Dunn Gooding