Reality Faith Before the Black Snow

Introduction to My Mind…

I am confused, and I know little, but this is exploding my heart and I appreciate you considering my thoughts.

It had to be demonstrated, otherwise “why?” would be asked by others, for eternity. Lucifer couldn’t accept that he was less than God, he had been to the black pool in the ground, he touched the water that he was instructed not to, so selfishness took root.

he started to spread his selfishness and doubt with many others in the heavenly realm, God had to answer his “why?” Thus the banishment, the illustration, and the explanation was given to all of the Creations…Earth was the stage. Satan wants us to doubt God too, especially when it comes to the quality of life. Misery loves company.

Here and now, doubt seems harmless, questions are natural, and life continues. Questions are natural, and can be healthy, and yes God will answer them all. But when tainted with selfishness and doubt, questions become unnatural as they were in the heavens. Thus, we need to become used to a faith where we are giving more thanks to the Lord, and asking less “Why God?” For essentially, that question becomes, “What were you thinking God?” implying that God’s script or plan is unjust and unfair. When the truth is it is our script and a random world as a result of it.

Therefore, I propose we modify the faith we have known for centuries and add a good dose of Reality to it.

For the reality of our time here on earth is that we are not chess pieces or puppets of our Creator, we are humans, given choice, living on a stage where the worst of doubt is being played out. And it has to be this way. For God to step in and control every aspect of every life would essentially erase each individual and would take away the biggest and strongest power that we have been given…the power of choice.

Our power of choice is ultimately greater than the power of God or the limited powers that the devil has been given. We decide our fate, we live by our consequences, we endure this trial with its ups and downs until the curtain closes and justice comes.

We are not alone though, His hands manifest themselves through our hands and the Holy Spirit is a tangible element in our hearts and minds to encourage us in the right direction. His Spirit is flowing down to us. He wants us to feel its love. He wants us to know we are not alone, though prayers go unanswered.

Each prayer is heard, each heart is known, each soul is cared for, but suffering will still be daily, our battle to overcome. Keep praying! Pray loudly and with confidence! Endure this time! Give thanks for a chance to give thanks! But know this, it is time to come to know a Reality Faith…before the Black Snow.

--Kerry Cavanaugh

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