Recognizing the Signs of the End Time: Stand in the Holy Place

What would happen if category five hurricanes or tsunamis hit our shores without any warnings and no one was ready? Imagine that for a few seconds-the death toll, the destruction, and the chaos. Then imagine something, if you can, twenty times worse. The return of Jesus Christ will be that something that is twenty times worse if we are not ready. But be of good cheer, God has set watchman to watch for the signs of His return to warn the people that Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming! What would happen if you were given instructions that you could not really understand, but your life depended on you following those instructions? Imagine that for a few seconds: the fear of the unknown, the not knowing what to do, and the apprehension is enough to drive one insane. But allay your fears, God has led me to write this book, in its simplicity, that a child could understand. It is filled with deep revelation of scriptural interpretation inspired by God. It is to warn us, encourage us, strengthen us, and keep us until the coming of Jesus Christ.

--Melissa Anderson Williams