Red: The Saga of Red Dog

Red, The Saga of Red Dog, is the first of two volumes on a redbone hound of wolf mix that became a ferial dog and one of her pups, "Rot." In this book and the second, two significant questions asked by dog lovers are answered. The first has to do with whether a dog has a soul and the second is whether a dog has an afterlife? Question one is answered in the first book and question two will be answered in the second. Red was a real dog but her story is presented in a fictional narrative. A principle is illustrated namely that the righteous care for their animals. As opposed to animal abuse, what happened to Red, is intended to enlighten readers on the proper way to treat one's dog. There is mystery in the composition of Red. It's left to the reader to pick up the many hints the author has in mind and in one special instance what appears to be a contradiction has a deeper meaning for the reader to comprehend. This book is quite educational and will contribute to the reader's knowledge and appreciation of dogs. The background of the early life of Red is one in which the author was reared and is presented with great detail and accuracy. Note Red's first Christmas. The raccoon hunt was an actual experience of the writer. Red born in Pennsylvania runs with wolves through New York and into Canada, and in her sojourn ends up in Florida. Red is fast moving and exciting. It was written with great emotion and it is hoped that you will be inwardly compelled to follow the good against evil plot to the completion of Rot, son of Red.

--R.C. Besteder

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