Redemption: For My Crying Soul

I became a Christian at the early age of seven. Since then, God and I have been inseparable, but this does not mean that I did not struggle and suffer. God chose me at a young age to carry out his purpose and from a young age, even until now I have been an outcast and tossed to the side by people I loved dearly. I have lived through physical violations, insecurities, and verbal abuse. As I grew up, I became walking toxic, so broken and afraid to pick myself up. Pain was all I knew. That is until God told me I had to speak for those like me. It turns out everyone is hurting, looking for solutions. I didn’t realize that I had the solution to my problems with me ever since I was a young girl. God showed me how to accept redemption from him so that I could teach others how to live as they walk with Christ. Holding nothing back, I have put my imperfect walk with Christ on display for everyone to see, vulnerability became my strength. Through my unbelief and blessings, God was unchanging. He only wanted to prepare me for his glory. He wants people to understand that his love for all is unshakable. I am merely a vessel given the strength to tell others how I stopped my heart and soul from aching, how I learned to leave my past behind and accept my future as a redeemed being. My pain was left in the forsaken past. I have had brighter days and more are to come. Redemption: For My Crying Soul is about me dealing with my overwhelming pain and misery by embracing God’s character.

--Kandace Thomas

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