Reflecting on the Word of the Lord

We Christians live in a rushed and hurried culture which our churches have accepted without thinking through the consequences. It seems that we have allowed ourselves to equate busyness with spirituality and bible study with the loudest opinion in the room.

Reflecting attempts to call us back to a matured time in Christian history when congregants did not read the Bible speedily. One of my high school English teachers used to warn us that just vocalizing words aloud was different than truly reading. This book calls us to read the Scripture, reread the Scripture, think about what we have read, and to meditate on the concepts of a passage following them throughout Scripture. By this means, we should be able to grasp a more complete understanding of the ideas the verses have presented to us.

Moreover, a slower reading and a rereading allows time for the Holy Spirit to speak to us. Often I hear someone express that as often as they have read a certain passage of Scripture, they did not gain the newest understanding from their latest reading. Why is that?

It is because we have just called words without reflecting on them. Reflecting and meditating are old ways of studying the Word of God. You will be richly blessed by beginning and maintaining the practice. It is indeed food for the hungry Christian's soul.

--Reverend Randolph Kesler