Rejected To Accepted: Learning To Love Myself After Adversity

Rejected to Accepted is a book for people who have longed for a loving and healthy romantic relationship but have not been able to encounter the "happy ever after" they have desired.

After experiencing domestic violence, a series of failed and unhealthy relationships, the author was left wondering, would anyone ever love her? Rejected to Accepted explores the personal struggles and triumphs she has faced while embarking on her journey of self-discovery.

More than a memoir, Rejected to Accepted will empower you to

- Overcome the crippling effects of rejection and domestic violence

- Learn how to love yourself and others the way God intended

- How to create healthy patterns for future relationships

This book provides hope and inspiration. Maybe you have personal experiences that left you heartbroken or questioning your worth. Rejected to Accepted will encourage you to allow Jesus to repair the shattered pieces of your heart with the glue of His love.

--LaSondra Barnes, M.Div.

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