Restoring Rest to Sleepless Nights: Scriptures and Devotions to Help with Sleepless Nights

Sleep aids, customized mattresses, essential oils, soothing music, bedtime drinks, white noise, relaxing books-the list of suggested remedies for sleepless nights is almost endless. When nothing seems to work and the worries of life continue weighing heavily on your mind, what can you do to relax and sleep? Our human nature often ignores one of the obvious answers.

These brief devotionals offer reminders from scripture of what God says to do when life's circumstances and challenges are overwhelming. He wants to soothe your weariness and restore much needed rest.

Dad always told us, "God has never failed anyone, and He's certainly not going to start with you!" God's faithfulness includes His loving concern for you and all that troubles your heart and mind. Scripture abounds with encouraging words that will dissolve your anxieties, leaving you with restful sleep and new perspectives for handling the days ahead.

--Pam Koerner