Revelation: Preparing for and Uncovering Your Destiny

As we read the book of Revelation, it is essential to understand in reference to where you are in light of the person of Jesus Christ and the future events that are going to unfold. Today I invite you to explore this journey. This manual is primarily written to assist you in understanding Revelation truth that will support your life in a way you take life seriously and apply the truth contained in it.

As you read the manual, think about the revealing of Jesus Christ and the ongoing battle with evil. You will need to decide what side you’re on and where you’ll exercise your spot in bearing your life’s call. As the book unfolds the battle to its end, make your arrangements to be with the side you choose, either the side of the Lord Jesus Christ or the side of the rebellion against God.

Today is our day to choose who we will serve. We can either be on God’s side or take the side of all those who have built up a rebellious resistance to him. Choose wisely and plan your future in light of that choice.

--Gerald Melton

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