Rhyming with Jesus

Everyone wants to feel loved, needed, adored, and understood. So many times when we seek these things from people, we still come up feeling empty, alone, or unworthy. Let me assure you there is a way to find what you are looking for! Come with me on a daily journey to find out who can provide this for you and how to make that relationship stronger and stronger. Jesus Christ is the answer you seek that will fulfill all of these needs and then some! Whether you are wanting to know who Jesus Christ is or you already know Him and are looking for a refreshing spin on drawing closer to Him through His word—this devotional is for you! Explore with me how to obtain salvation, how to face a multitude of the struggles we face daily, how to feel loved, needed, adored, and understood. Mixed in with those wonderful messages are the things we can do that are pleasing to our God and how we should glorify Him, pray with Him and to Him and enjoy the awesome wonders He provides us every day! It takes a daily walk to sound like Jesus. Let’s take this journey toward our eternal home together!

--Traci Britt

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