Rise with God

Rise with God is a continuation of the self-help spiritual journey we are on. Where it compliments One with God and Armed with God, it isn't necessary to read them in any specific order.Rise with God is a part of the journey that will help you learn to protect your beautiful energy. Too often we allow circumstances to affect our daily moods. This book is filled with tips and ways to learn to protect your personal energy from a harsh and confusing world, therefore allowing you to face the world head-on without letting it bring you down. When we learn how to stay in control of our own emotions, the small and not-so-small things in life become much easier to face daily. Life pushes us all around too often, so take back your energy and learn how to protect your most beautiful self. What do you have to lose? Take your life back and put your destiny in your own hands.1Page 1 of 4111

--K. R. Snoek

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