Sacrificial Love: "To Give Your All": 7 days to rediscover Love Journal Edition

The bible said in 1 john 4:8 "Christ is Love", if God is love why is our experiences with love has been such a pain? Why is it love never enough for our relationships to survive? For many, love has been define as an infatuation and lust, as just a feeling that comes and goes. The truth is, love is made out of different components that makes it perfect and unique for its purpose of expressing its true meaning. Someone who loves is said in the bible is born of God and knows God (v 7). So how much do you truly know God in order to express his love? Sacrificial Love is written with you in mind as it presents to you different aspects within the components of love that reflect God's perfect and undeniable love for us. I prayed that you enjoy every parcel this book as it gives you the godly perspective of love.

--Wedler Laguerre

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