Safe at First

Safe at First charts the progress of an everyday mother and grandmother as she transitions from a woman determined to be the best possible single mom to and through the debilitations of cancer. This story relates the challenges of cancer treatment and the aftermath while attempting to raise and care for two children, retain and regain employment, and accept the realities of the loss of herself. Once a strong, capable, and independent woman, the author reveals her own metamorphosis through and following the ordeal. Degradation, depression, and loneliness plagued her existence, mandating the call to her heavenly Father for strength and understanding.Discrimination, financial devastation, and physical debilitation are just a few of the results of being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Once the treatment is complete and a promise of healing is revealed, reentering the real world seems simple but is presented in a manner in which the reader should understand the ramifications of what has changed and what will undoubtedly cause conflicting thoughts of God's intervention. The reader will discover the courage and strength that comes from methods of common sense and faith, while being able to relate to the challenges, concerns, and responsibilities of anyone and their loved ones subjected to this disease.As a result of many interactions with others going through cancer urging her to share the experiences, this book manages to unveil the prospects of losing everything including faith in God. The revelation of surviving cancer brings hope despite the fact that continued hurdles of unemployment, skin cancer, and sleep apnea remind her that she may only be safe--at first. This woman's cling to faith is projected in these pages as she takes the reader on a journey that includes physical, emotional, and spiritual reconstruction and healing.

--Pamela M.

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