Santa Bobby and Family: Life in the West

The story takes place in a Western town called Fall City, Montana. Fall City is a very peaceful town, and the people in the town love God. All is well in Fall City until some unexpected situations arise, and the town is faced with fear and their faith being tested. Some strangers arrive in town and turn Fall City into a town of chaos. They know there is only one man that can help with this situation: that is Santa Bobby. Santa Bobby arrives in town and is faced with an extreme situation that he knows only God can get him through this.

Santa Bobby and Sherry face many trials and are afraid that the town will feel betrayed by what they must tell them when they are faced with a past situation. There is a lot that the town will have to forgive them for and decide if they can still trust them. Santa Bobby and Sherry, along with the townspeople, are faced with times of peace and times of chaos. They know that only God, along with them sticking together, can get them through all that they face.

--Sherry Bray

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