Save Me a Seat on the Ark

Noah's ark is one of the most revered stories in the Bible. Everyone who has heard the story knows how Noah and his family painstakingly built an ark to house them and two of each kind of animal in the world during the big flood. What people don't know from the Bible is how the animals were affected, how they felt, or what they did. These questions are answered in this entertaining story, Save Me a Seat on the Ark, as it tells the story through the animals' perspective. The authors take the reader on a fictional journey, sharing how the animals build a working community and display undying love and challenges that result in the ultimate sacrifice for some. This is a timeless story for all ages and will bring families joy and meaning as they read Save Me a Seat on the Ark together.In addition to the story, the authors have included creative ideas and activities for teachers, parents, and grandparents to do with their children after reading the book.

--The Sisters Spurlock

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