Saved by Grace—Now What?: Build the Relationship

Saved by Grace--Now What? answers questions, stimulates thoughts and discussions, and provokes the readers to action. Unfortunately, so many of us have several lingering spiritual questions in the back of our minds. If not addressed, they can open a door for doubt, hesitation, and disbelief. The basic questions in the minds of believers could be:

Who am I?

How does God see me?

Does God have a plan for me?What is the purpose of my life?

What must I do to achieve my purpose?

How do I start achieving my purpose?

The nature of these questions requires us to slow down and think carefully about the implications and consequences of our actions or inaction. Unlike novels that we read quickly, the design of this book is for intentional, slow, deliberate study and reflection. Is not your present and eternal life worth the time investment?

--Kennie Floyd

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