Schideler's Goal

It's 1943. Poland has just been invaded, and all the Jews are to board trains headed to the camps. They are told that they are going to work camps; but they are headed to extermination camps...

After losing everything including her family, Annishia joins the resistance and decides to save the Jews from Auschwitz; she realizes that she is in danger. She struggles to make sure that the Nazis never find out what she is doing. One day, someone turns her in, and she is abducted by the Nazis. She is sent to Auschwitz where she vows to help the Jews escape. She becomes a house servant of an officer who commands his soldiers to "kill them all." Now she is challenged with living out her vow or protecting herself. What will she choose?

This novel tells a story through the eyes of Annishia, a seventeen-year-old girl who loses everything including her family. She becomes part of the resistance and embarks on a mission to save the lives of six hundred Jews from the horrors of Auschwitz during what was the most horrid years.

This is a story to help people never forget history and the value of human life, and to show how to forgive the unforgivable.

--C. S. Lark

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