Second Shift

Jack Allen, an aging, lonely widower with grown children, had been driving a truck long-haul for decades. He figured his days of doing anything more significant than delivering freight were far behind him, and those days were getting shorter all the time. Jack's troubled past had been successfully buried for decades. Why was it getting dredged up now?

Little did he know that his glory days might not be over after all, and there might be a whole new adventure waiting for him right up the road a stretch if he can wrestle with his troubled past.

Ten-year-old Ben had never known what a "normal" life was like, and it was not about to get normal any time soon. Kids like Ben didn't get many happy endings, and he sure hasn't had a happy beginning, but it could always get better. Some folks just don't get a fair shot at life. Maybe this time?

Two defeated and unlikely people experience a bumpy road full of challenges and redemption. Can a pair of hard lives manage to coexist together, and even help each other out? Can eighty thousand pound of diesel-powered conflict and trouble headed for a dead-end sign at seventy miles per hour get turned around in time?

--Dean Moore