Secrets, Lies, Spies and Those Who Were Left Behind

When Ms. Macko watched the news about thousands of illegal immigrants entering the US from Mexico, she suddenly remembered something she had not thought about in over seventy years. After World War II, millions of people just walked into the country. Many were from Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and dozens of small countries that made up the East Bloc. The German government faced a huge “housing shortage.” And what was the “resolution?” Every German citizen had to report how many unused or vacant bedrooms they had.

My playroom was assigned to an elderly lady from Hungary, my bedroom to an eighteen year old boy from Poland. The lady stayed until she died. She never made an effort to move out. She said, “I like it here.” I was fourteen before I got to my bedroom back, my playroom¬¬––never.

How would all these people who live here, the ones that oppose President Trump and the border wall, if they had to give up their bedrooms, vacant vacation homes, etc.? How many vacant bedrooms does Nancy Pelosi have? Let her put her bedrooms and money where her mouth is.

She also discovered at the age of three how her family did their “grocery shopping” in the “black market.” As a teenager, she also discovered some hidden “secrets.”

--Brigitte Macko

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