Secrets to Longevity: An Amazing Kind of Beauty

Secrets to Longevity: An Amazing Kind of Beauty was inspired by one of my clients and friends

who lived a long life with gracefulness, peace, and love. Together we found the recipe to longevity.

Her name was Louise Currie Good, my private client for over fifteen years. She lived to be

more than a hundred years young with a sharp mind, a love for creativity, and a sense of humor.

Even through the ups and downs of life, she lived a full, active, happy life surrounded by family and

friends till her departure from this world.

I wanted to use her story and others as well to inspire people to learn the real secrets of

living a long, healthy, purposeful life. In my fifty plus years of working with thousands of people on

their physical, mental, and spiritual health, many of them seniors even into their nineties, I've

pondered what separates the ones I met in bad health and ready to give up on life versus the ones

who were inspired to take time to improve their good health through their attitude, exercise, and

eating, making change for a healthier lifestyle and excited to wake up each day to live life to the


No matter your limitation, situation, or age, you can take control of your life and how your

later years will be.

In this book, you will learn

 simple ways to keep you healthy and happy;

 recipes for a healthy mind, body, and spirit;

 how to turn the negative into positive;

 the benefits of movement, stretching and breath;

 basic tips on nutrition.

Louise Currie Good's prescription for life has been captured by her life & wellness teacher

Jean Pierre Marques and shared with all of us in Secrets to Longevity: An Amazing Kind of Beauty.

Jean Pierre was clearly instrumental in prolonging her inspiring life and their wisdom is more

powerful than any pill at a pharmacy. This book is a beautiful lesson on how to truly live

your authentic life in a balanced way and a gift to all of us.

Michael Rocha, MD


Director, New Bedford Wellness Initiative

This book is a conversation between a master teacher and his student, Louise Currie Good,

who was able to live a long and vibrant life for more than a hundred years. Jean Pierre

Marques shares the keys to a long, healthy, and fulfilling life through his deep understanding

and practice of the Eastern and Western philosophies of wellness and longevity. His

wisdom and insights can help all of us to live our golden years with optimal health and


Jacques MoraMarco, DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine), OMD, Lac

Academic Dean, Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles,


--Jean Pierre Marques