Self-Power Is the Great I Am: Empirical: Volume 1

Self power & meditation are not taught in the christian arena today, and it is paralyzing Gods body. The lack of understanding on these crucial gifts from God has caused many Christians to perish on all levels of ones self, even unto death. When God says, \"Greater is He who is in you, than he who is of the world\". He is saying that you are knit together with the very genetic makeup with God himself therefore, of course in fact making you greater than anything outside of yourself! He is saying that you are made in His image and likeness you literally are a carbon copy of God himself and man their are so many sides to God its incredible and endless! Just look at how mankind keeps creating more of themselves! If you are waiting on God to change you, heal you or make you rich you have another thing coming, that is not how it works! He gave you all that power, SELF POWER to overcome all your enemies! Don\'t you understand that your thoughts got you where you are at today! God says as a person thinks so are they! If your thoughts made you sick, fearful, schizo, panicky, homo, confused, poor, broke, hopeless, defeated and so on then its your self power that can create freedom, healing, confidence, insane wealth, new levels of thinking with having the mind of Christ going from faith to faith and glory to glory its higher and brighter living! We were all born into sin, don\'t you see that\'s why Jesus came and made a way for us to do it ourselves and where we don\'t have to ask and wait for him to do anything for us! Were all grown here and should know how to activate these promises of God of self healing and shaking ourselves out of fear and confusion! Were bosses baby and if your waiting for God to handle your kingdom its not going to happen because he already did it. You have to activate it by you meditation on changing your thoughts. May the meditations of your heart be pleasing to God! He said greater works will you do! He calls us Kings in the earth! You better be doing some ruling in your mind! Otherwise your mind or kingdom is going to rule you! Grab a hold of yourself! Speak up and find your confidence, boldness, voice, & passion again! His name is THE GREAT I AM because we are Him we are our Father!

--Jybe Yvves