Separation: a devil of a human experience

The land of the free, or America, has changed from a tight-knit country where family stuck together into a nation of separateness. Families, in our past, lived close. They grew stronger because of their closeness and knew they needed one another. Today most of that has eroded. Job transfers and moving are no longer rare. Divorce is at an all-time high. Children involved in a divorce situation are normally tossed from one parent to the other no matter how far from one another they are. Even our current view of viruses and diseases has created venues for separation.

Once loved ones stood by one another during times of illness and death. Today hospitals, in fear of spreading diseases, are not allowing loved ones to be together at these times. Some of the repercussions separating from the family has brought includes confusion, resentment, and hopelessness

What is this all doing to us personally and as a nation? In order to investigate the consequences as well as the short-term affects, the author has examined the issue through the eyes of her parents’ love letters written during World War II. Both the immediate effect as well as the lifelong scars this occurrence creates are looked at. It was found that the stress of not being together often brings about total character changes. Some of those changes are good, but some are not so good. Those changes include becoming short-tempered, building walls of protection around the heart, and isolating from and becoming suspicious of others.

--Glenda Glasser

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