Seven Towns and Seven Rivers: The Maiden Crossings

As the image that Simeon tattooed on his leg endowed him with some supernatural powers and took over his life, it also put him at odds with the law. With his powers, he exerted severe revenge against anyone that dared offend him. He gained notoriety for what many in the town regarded as evil and unacceptable behavior.

When the police and many in his town no longer found his mere existence deserving, plots to permanently remove him was initiated. But his mother saw his peculiarity as a condition for which a medical intervention would be necessary. She consulted with a medical doctor only to find out that her son’s condition could not be mitigated by modern medical practice, that what he was faced with was not of the temporal nature. Therefore, she needed to explore other avenues if she wanted his life preserved.

Her referral to seek an unconventional solution from unconventional source led her to uncover that his problems had their origin beyond their land, that she would have to seek answers in a faraway land shared by the dead and the living. This journey would be anything but easy, crossing seven towns and seven rivers of tribulations.

--Anen' Martin