Seventh Messenger

Every good story has a climax, but a fantastic story has an unforgettable climax. This book is a true story of my life.

So when the Earth does shake more, then it is likely it will be because of a solar flare from a supernova, and its impact is coming our way or it could be the Lord's just heating the earth core.

This will bring about the Antichrist, because the world will be hurting and will need a savior.

All I know for sure is what the Holy Spirit has told me that the seven thunders will utter their voices. They have already sounded, but because of this book, the whole world will know for sure the truth. Chapter 10 of Revelation is revealed. So we are closer to the second coming of Christ, so you need to get your name written in the Lamb's book of life, only by believing in Yasha, the Messiah.

I do not know the year the earth will shake, but it's going to happen. The season is near. Please believe me, I'm only the messenger. It does not bother me if you do not believe. You're only hurting yourself. I have sounded the warning. Your blood in not on my hands. For the Father does love you, so turn to him and save your soul.

--Frederick F. Haussman Jr.