Shame In Detention: A Case for Sexual Harassment

Detention is the fastest growing industry in the world. From elected government officials and their oversight specialist, down to and including the most basic support staff in correctional facilities, there is a need for all involved to be mindful that they are in a service paid for by taxpayers to protect a citizenry they may never meet. For one to allow their actions to bring shame on the profession is totally unwarranted. To take a position that there is any difference between a male and a female staff member is astonishingly ridiculous. Our goal is to train staff, not to be drawn into situations and to stand up to misdirected leadership. If detention happened to be an apple tree for attorneys to pick their successful career cases from, it would be the lowest hanging branch. Look up, point up, and stand up. Know it, see it, and act on it. Have a blessed day.

--Bill Pardue