Should I Tell Them the Truth: Or Let Them Keep Believing a Lie?

Should I Tell Them the Truth or Let Them Keep Believing a Lie?, Carol's first book, was birthed out of the desire to help others to overcome depression, fear, shame, and defeat when truth seems to take a backseat to lies. Like many newbies (baby Christians) Carol has experienced some challenges in her Father's house and can tell you, simply, how to maneuver in those waters, without gulping the salt water and bitterness it can cause. Keeping focus on the Father and none other, is the safety net we all need to successfully reach our destination and accomplish all He has planned and destined for our lives.

Should I Tell Them or Let Them Keep Believing a Lie? will have you laughing, crying, and giving serious thought to how we should really pay attention to new converts in our churches. It is a call to arms for Christians to be diligent and attentive to what God has called us to do, and not to leave any wounded on the battlefield. It could be you!

--Carol Blackwell

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