Shut Up and Pray

This book shares powerful, remarkable, and life-changing stories of how God revealed his grace. It discusses how to shut all the doors to self-incorporating prayer, faith, hope, and love and believing the Word of God to come forth in life. This book is about self-discovery moments that may sometimes reveal some very ugly parts of a person while also discovering grace in the process.

An all-around great reading experience, it’s about dreams, friendships, parenthood, joy, pain, and emotional turbulence of life. This gives account of personality traits that can stagnate your spiritual growth and stagnate the growth of the church while discussing some personal experiences.

May you find light inside of darkness and the grace of an unchanging God in an ever-changing world. Even through times of adversity, the good and the bad God is painting on the canvas of your life, and if you become unsinkable in the process, that portrait will be the most beautiful design of the grace of God.

I am so very grateful to share my world with you. May this book inspire and strengthen your faith, helping you rise above the mountains of adversity.Quit being comfortable where you are and “shut up and pray.”

--Meoshi Crumedy

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