Sinclinations : The Hidden Inclinations Within

Why do negative patterns or events seem to repeat in our lives?

Why does one find themselves doing exactly what they hated about a parent or loved one? Why do I do the things I do? Why do I overreact sometimes? Why do I hurt those I love so much? Why do I seem to fail at relationships? The answers in these pages will surprise you, but you will find them to be true. The author reveals how to break free from these patterns that hurt those close to us. He provides his own life experiences as a guide to a path of hope.

Brendan Cullen is not a man without faults, but one who has overcome many with the help of Godly counselors and prayer ministers from Elijah House. Born on the Emerald isle in Dublin, his family moved to Louisville, Kentucky when he was 16. As a man of conviction, Brendan faced his "demons". Choosing not to ignore them, he chose to break the cycles that plagued him and his father. He has grown to be a better person for doing so. He desires that the hard lessons revealed in this book will bring hope and encouragement to others.

--Brendan Cullen