Sky Fighters: Haret

Connor Mason lived a life of privilege like no other. He was wealthy, handsome, intelligent, and for thrill and glory became the masked vigilante known as the Glider, soaring across Bulwark City on a high-tech flying machine called the hover-glider.

His world was flipped upside down as he was "drafted" by a team of intergalactic peacemaking aliens called the Sky Fighters. They needed his help to take down Lord Kohl von Raumon, an intergalactic terrorist of the planet Thera, bent on conquering all four populated planets: Haret, Tareh, Thera, and Earth.

When Raumon cleverly repels the super-powered Tarians, the strong weaponized Therians, and the battle-strategic Haretians, it will take the creative genius and skill of an Earthian to push him back, and only the combined forces of a Sky Fighter from each planet and the powerful Everlaster, Roivas, can bring down Raumon and his army of mutated Therians.

But Raumon is not their only enemy. Natas, an evil Everlaster, is a strong force with many powers and minions under his control. When Connor is poisoned by Natas, he must conquer his own pride and face the mysteries of the past he fears or else perish at the hands of the universe's deadliest enemy.

With the power of Roivas to strengthen them and his wisdom to guide them, not even Raumon will stand in the Sky Fighters' path to victory.

--M.J. Taylor