Smiley Riley and The Golden Gate Warriors

This Tiger's Tale embraces the heroes in this country that fight for our freedom and safety. Our military veterans that are wounded in battle for our sakes.

Smiley Riley is a darling little girl who is the daughter of one of the best basketball players in the history of the game. She sees a TV commercial with some of the wounded warriors that have lost limbs on the battlefield.

Smiley Riley is so touched by the commercial that she drops to her knees in prayer to ask God to assist her in helping these heroes. From that moment on, Smiley Riley and her dad are on a mission that takes of the professional basketball league as well as the airwaves, generating millions of dollars for our heroes, the Wounded Warriors.

Smiley Riley becomes a hero in her own life as her, and her famous dad shine the spotlight on the heroes that serve this country.

Like all the other Tiger's Tales, this story is inspirational, faith-based fun for all ages.

--Tiger Powell