Someone Must Die: (Preserving a People) Befriending the hostile, nomadic Yuquí of Central Bolivia

This is the incredible true story of how two small bands of hostile nomads, now known as the Yuquí (you-KEY), were befriended by a group of courageous missionaries who placed their trust fully in God. Day after day, the missionaries put their lives at risk in the western Bolivian Amazon in order to make friends with the jungle dwellers, thus sparing the tribe from annihilation by those who were invading their territory.

The task was not easy as one missionary was speared and six others shot with seven-foot-long arrows during the years it took to convince the aggressive Yuquí to settle down. During those years, numerous pioneer settlers lost their lives to Indian arrows, and many Yuquí were gunned down by the settlers and loggers.

Without the timely intervention of the missionaries, the tribe would soon have ceased to exist. Three small bands of the jungle dwellers, numbering about ninety people, were preserved but at the cost of great physical and mental hardships to the missionary team. Through it all, the missionaries understood that it was a unique privilege to have a part in what God was doing as He used them to show His love to the Yuquí people.

--Alan Foster