Somewhere over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the Rainbow is a heartwarming and candid story based on real conversations about heaven between the author and her very curious son. As an adult, it is hard at times to imagine such an extraordinary place where hope continues and life goes on, especially after a loss of any kind. Children however, with the purest of minds, can imagine anything; and in this story, Emerson does just that.

Through many wonderful stories about her father, the author wanted to keep his memory alive for her son to always remember him. In doing so, Emerson had many endearing questions as many young children do. The questions that Emerson has are authentic and paint a true depiction of what heaven is and means to all of us who believe in its entirety.

With a jubilant tone and a whimsical translation, this book connects to so many people of all ages in a very sincere way. We all have uncertainties and hopes about a place where we will see our loved ones once again, where all our sadness disappears, and where eternal happiness exists.

Having these conversations is not always easy and certainly don’t come with a manual of what to say and how to say it. This story though can help anyone who has these questions, thoughts, and feelings, especially a little one, no matter the situation or what life brings.

Whether you and your family are coping with a loss or just searching for something that brings meaningful conversation to the surface, this story is created to bring you closeness and connection to those whom you love here on Earth and beyond…somewhere over the rainbow.

Together Emerson and his mommy’s imagination of what heaven can be will uplift anyone who reads it. Somewhere over the Rainbow is bound to bring a smile to your face, warmth in your heart, and an undeniable sense of peace to your soul.

--Kelly Frantz