Sons of Thunder

A few years ago, I gave my granddaughter a KJV Bible. On the inside cover, I wrote "In this book are all of the answers to all of life's questions." At one time in our history, nearly every home had a family Bible. In it were kept the records of births, deaths, marriages, and many other events that occurred in the family. If a home today has a Bible, it is most likely to gather dust. To those who attend church, it may or may not be opened up on Sunday. Bible studies have become more social planning events than they have in studying the Word of God. Dark days are upon us. Most people have just enough religion to inoculate them against the real thing. Too many have embraced their vanities and have fallen prey to the ravenous lion.

My prayer is that this book will prompt readers to examine more closely both what they believe and why they believe it. It is my hope that the reader will become more educated and encouraged to study God's Word.

If this writing encourages but one soul to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus, then all will have been worth every effort. No greater reward can be given to the writer than to know that I had some small role to play in the salvation of a wandering soul.

Solomon made us to know that of the making of books, there is no end. The technological era that we live in has us plugged into all sorts of devices. Perhaps we should unplug from the world long enough to discover what really matters.

--John James Boanerges

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