Soul Seeds

This book of poetry exists to inspire faith and hope in the power of God and the love of Jesus Christ. It is one man's testimony of the unfailing commitment that is given to each and every person, no matter their circumstance or history. There is a story of tragedy and how a family chose to respond to it with acts of love and kindness to those in need. It is filled with love and commitment to duty in the lives of everyday people who help others. It is filled to overflowing with happiness and good cheer waiting to be shared.

It is a book of spiritual seeds to be planted in your heart and mind to nurture your soul. Whatever your need, strength, inspiration, forgiveness, all these and more through the power of God and your applied faith can be attained.

It is a book of praise, springing forth spontaneously from the joy of being alive and the awareness of being forgiven and loved. Above all, it is a book of potential . . . anything is possible through God and Jesus Christ.

--R. Timothy Russell