Soul Song

The journey through life has many ups and downs, but for a soul passionately in love, that love colors every experience with vibrancy and flashes of real joy. Soul Song represents the expressions of that joy and love from the heart of one woman whose journey has been shaped by faith in the One who braved death itself for her sake. This compilation of Christian poetry traces her experiences from adolescence forward, exploring the character of the God she loves and learning to walk every day in trust. Through the common struggles we all share and the devastating loss of a young adult child from brain cancer, she bares the growth and dynamics of that relationship in verse. Though the poems may or may not rhyme and differ in subject or rhythm scheme, they all point to a love that outlives life itself and gives foundation to the very fabric of existence. Dive into a life lived beneath the shadow of larger wings and see how that relationship changes everything! Could this be the love you are looking for?

The author and her husband of thirty-nine years currently live in Florida. They both grew up, met, and married in Texas. Besides the son they lost at age twenty-one, they have a grown and married daughter who lives near them. The whole family attends a Bible-based community church together.

--Trudy Nutter