Speak A Little Louder, Please?

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be encouraged to be all you are intended to be. Patty Jo Bugh affectionately known as Mrs. “B” to generations of Coleman, Michigan, area speech students, shares stories of courage, hope, love, and joy! Speak a Little Louder, Please! will challenge you to tell others about the good things you see in them. It’s stories will remind you of people on your path who have left their loving mark on your heart.

Patty Jo Bugh, (Mrs. B) a retired speech and language pathologist of thirty-one years, currently resides in the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan area. Children continue to give her life purpose, laughter, and joy! Mrs. B directs a six-week Summer Speech and Language Enrichment Program for Coleman students. God has richly blessed her life.

--Patty Jo Bugh