Star Trooper Hero

Robert Vincent, just discharged after six years in the Space Patrol, instead or going back Earthside, bought a ticket to the new colony world of Fergusonís World. He loved exploring new worlds, but he loved freedom better. He heard there were jobs available there. In Ferguson City, he met and fell in love with Jane. In Ferguson City, the monopoly employer was the Space Patrol. He took a job with a company that made parts for Space Patrol ships. He thought his boss was a lovely lady, but the real boss was a commander in the Space Patrol. He was fired for no apparent reason. He could not understand why he would be fired from a defense company when earth was as war with an unseen enemy. Angry, one evening, he went into a spaceport bar to get drunk, looking for a fight. There he was befriended by a crusty space prospector named Space Dust. Space Dust hired him as a partner on his freighter to help him and his niece. He joined Space Dust and his niece and went to the planet where his diggings were. There, they were captured by the Donnies and accidently discovered the weakness of earthís unseen enemy, and Burnhartís secret agenda.

--Joseph De La Cruz