Stop Being A Victim!: Lift Weights Off, Lift Eyes Up, and Spread Your Wings

Hop aboard the overcomer train! Take a thrilling ride with Diana. Get your ticket now. Breathe in peace; breathe out tension on this expedition through the wilderness.Have you ever felt like your life was a roller coaster ride and you wanted to get off? Have you ever wanted to flip the script and you didn't know how? Have you ever been assaulted by a barrage of major trials that lasted for years? Have you ever been angry at God for allowing so much for so long, only to be knocked down again? Have you ever insisted there's a personal quota on suffering and a scoreboard of pain where you're on top of the list? Have you ever wondered how all the broken pieces of your life would be shaped together into a puzzle where all the pieces fit?In her personal memoir, Diana reveals how God transformed her from the inside out to overcome a victim mentality, not just to be a survivor, but rather an overcomer, and led her to the other side in order to experience joy. Along the way, God taught her to trust, something which was missing, and changed an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan:* grieving to joy* pride to humility* self-sufficiency and indifference to compassion She invites you to follow her real life journey as she unwraps the gift of her life. She sprinkles in quotes, blends in Scripture verses, adds a twist of humorous adventures, and tosses in personal insights and wisdom, as she shares her story of financial and health issues, childhood abuse, changing careers, healing physically, and emotionally through traumatic events and grieving. She pours out the perfect recipe seasoned with fighting back to let your light shine. Let her be the friend you've needed to stop being a victim of anything!

--Diana Beranek

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