Back Cover SummaryAfter Angel was refused a seat on the Council of the Wizen, an ancient society created to protect the world, she cursed the council, everyone in the chamber as well as herself. Then she took her time taking vengeance upon all who was in the Council Chamber. Centuries later, Angel must have fresh ovaries to maintain her life, youthful appearance and to rule her Wizen world in today’s society. Dr. Dare Leene Moore, a specialized parapsychologist and the remaining surviving descendant of the Wizens, must fight Angel and her dark helper, Anon, to help the two young women who were caught up in Angel’s web of murder and mutilation. Dana, one of the young women who was bewitched into taking twelve-year-olds for Angel, and Ashley, one of the girls taken, are both drawn into the Wizen fight for their own reasons. If they lose this fight, Angel and her dark majik may eventually destroy them all.

--EM Brown