Taking Up Your Cross

In this book, you will learn the essentials of what it truly means to take up your cross and follow Christ daily in your everyday life through the Holy Spirit. You will learn everything from being lights to the world, forgiving others, how Christianity is not a religion but a faith, walk, and a relationship. You will learn how to deal with giants, trials, and seasons of storms in your life, persevering through persecution, being a new creation in Christ and leaving your life of sin, the importance of daily repentance, the power of praying scripture to God, and finally, the gift of praying in the Holy Spirit and how He works in your life and in the church today. This book will guide you on how to live your everyday life for Christ and with Christ in a very simple but also deep read. I pray that everyone who reads this book will learn how to walk with Christ every day in every situation, no matter what may come your way through the love and power of the Holy Spirit.

--John T. Martin