Tales of Wood Grove

Tales of Wood Grove is a series of stories written for young children. There is one story written for each month of the year. Each of these twelve stories is inspired by Scripture in the Bible and is designed to help young children understand the Word of God through the characters' lives as they interact with one another.

Tales of Wood Grove is a fun and exciting series to help children understand why God gave us the Bible to read and how important it is to live by His words.

Beginning in January, the main character, Andy Bunny Ears, the son of Pastor and Mama Bunny Ears, becomes very hungry during their devotions, and wants to eat. His parents tell him he has had enough to eat at dinner and it's time for bed. His sister, Letty, suggests going to the Raccoons' root cellar to get vegetables. Andy and Letty's parents say it is not obeying the Lord to take something without asking. After everyone is asleep, Andy Bunny Ears makes a very bad decision, thus beginning his adventure in understanding what it means to obey his parents and the Lord.

Each story contains different heartwarming adventures for children.

--Jeanna Mae