Teacher Friendly Bible Lessons on Short Notice

This book contains fifty-two Bible lessons suitable for students from grade 6 to adult and is useful in several different settings: a year's supply of Bible study lessons in any classroom setting. The book includes lessons for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

These lessons are useful when a substitute teacher is needed on short notice. The substitute teacher may select a topic and teach an effective lesson with little or no preparation time.

Use as curriculum for an in-home Bible study group, for youth gatherings, for nursing home studies (either group or one-on-one), for jails or prisons, for special events (for Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas holidays). Or perhaps an individual, at-home, personal Bible study, or any other group gathered to study the Bible.

These Bible lessons are intended to be easy to use for anyone who can read English. Teach a lesson with little or no preparation time. Those who are inexperienced in teaching Bible lessons will find these lessons easy to use.

Each lesson includes the following:

• The main lesson text, including printed Scripture passages

• A summary/review of the main points of the lesson

• Life-application questions, applying the lesson to life

• A suggested closing prayer (optional)

• A Bible quiz to be used as a time filler, if needed

An index and description of each lesson is located at the front of this book.

--P. J. Mann